Thursday, 1 January 2015

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all,

Happy new year, may God bless all of you no matter what. As I sit here, reminiscing over my past, I find that I am feeling wistful in a way. Idk why. I have more downs than ups this year, and again idk why, lol. But still, what a great year. Not that I am an un-cheery person. I am quite happy with a lot of things going on in my life right now. I have a had some wonderful opportunities come my way. And words cannot describe how happy and glad I am to have met you. Hmm there's nothing more that I can say cause semua benda yang sama kalau nak jotdown pon.

We cannot rewind all those thingy but we can always replay those memories yg tersimpan kemas dekat dalam kepala otak kita nie, yeah, as long as you guys tak nyanyuk or suka makan semut, Insya-Allah kita still akan ingat those memories until our final breath. Goodbye 2014, I will miss you and everything that happen in that year~ welcome 2015, hoping that everything will flow beautifully and lets make as much memories as we can. Moga tahun baru ini dilimpahi rahmat dan kasih-sayangNya. Bertambah iman dan amal selari dengan usia. Mana yang ada azam baru, ditunaikan, kalau ada azam lama yg tak sempat ditunaikan tahun lepas, tunaikan tahun ni. Dan orang mesti akan kata.. "helleh...nak kena tunggu tahun baru ke baru nak buat azam baru?" Apaper pun, better ada something dari tader langsung =)

happy new year
may God bless