Sunday, 27 April 2014

bloody random rant

I got a new job, well next week dah boleh start. I'm not goin to continue my study, hmm bukan tanak sambung but bukan dalam masa yang terdekat. Probably next year. And obviously peluang nak dapat  UPU memang macam menanti bulan jatuh ke riba la kan, dengan results yang  macam ya tuhan sucks nak mati. I can't sleep right now and i'm hungry and i imagine i was riding on  a harley davidson  and i was yelling at  people and head banging and then i stop to rob a gas station and i was like dude i'll pretend  i have a knife in my pocket and go grab a money in the cash register and i'll be rich but goddamn i'm nervous so i imagine i'm a lettuce and it make me less nervous i don't know man i'm sorry it's just i literally do not care at all like... seriously.