Wednesday, 15 May 2013


XIV.V.XCIV / 14.5.94 = He was born on this date. And yes on 14.05.2013, its Meor Muhammad Azfar’s birthday.
May Allah bless him

ps: well, thanks to all my family and friends who wished me happy birthday on 14/5/2013. thank you, i really appreciate it thank you so much. may Allah bless all of you,  amin.

pps: and thank you very very much to Adam and Lea, im speechless, tatau nak cakap apa sebab korang memang wow awesome and cool and almost make me cry hahaha. Seriously ya guys made my day and i really really appreciate it (especially Lea sebab post pic Demi Lovato siap dengan wish lagi hahaha) even kita kenal tak lama (hujung tahun lepas izit) and its all sebab Marvel and DC and many others weird thingy. We will always be a spazz buddyz. I love ya guys (sound cheesy) and may Allah bless both of you, no matter what, amin.