Monday, 31 December 2012


29:2.Al-Ankabut.Adakah mereka merasakan mereka telah beriman sedangkan mereka belum diuji?Ayat yang dipegang mengubat luka bila hati diuji.Faith put at test.Sesungguhnya Allah bersama orang-orang yang sabar.

The past few months had been tough
one pretty rough ride
an avalanche of a lifetime's define: conflicts
that had been suppressed in a tin can
a jumble of intense define: emotions
but yeah...
it was colourful, to say the least. very
spare you the details, you dun wanna know
encountered lots of events.. some were truly demanding
learnt a lot
deaths and births banging on the door
grew up …in more than one way
been taught the new definitions of err… a bunch of stuff
got to know lots of ppl
discovered … things
So…whatever it is… here's the take home messages.
No matter what,no matter when,no matter when it doesn't at all make sense,
DO NOT leave you Love Letter's Compilation.It is the last thread to sanity.

savage garden singing crash and burn
i envy those yg pandai turn on the tap
better let it out than bottle it up inside
acer atas riba, dengan ezio;
again sittin on the bed
tengok luar tingkap
a beautiful night then
sebab The Moon and me never agree with each other
and most of the time dia yang do the killing of the latter
now switchfoot nyanyi dare you to move
tapi tak terasa nak move on pun
take a bite from my plate, chew then talk la
perhaps jeanette betul?

metallica singin the memory remains
ash to ash... dust to dust
hah ha... the san frans symphony orchestra stringin S&M
tengok luar tingkap, ezio atas lap
hey, ezio? mana orang lain ek?
no answer
perhaps jeanette memang betul
[dan siapa kata denial is not a bliss?]

lifehouse singin everything
sittin on the bed with acer and ezio on the lap
tengok luar tingkap
reality bites, living hurts
but we laugh neway
life is sugar-coated lies, but we believe in hopes neway
open the despair dictionary
then christina aguilera singin the voice within
i want crash and burn

hey, ezio? mana orang lain ek?
hun, it’s just you and yours truly the dummy

I wanna thank
God my All...

Don't bother to ask if you don't bother to care.
Take a bite from my plate, chew, swallow, then we'll talk. But if and only if you don't vomit first.

Jeanette, this aint no killing.
enter sandman by metallica singin