Thursday, 27 December 2012

some psychedelic verbal [or non] technicolor yawn is way overdue when...

....everything goes Katrina [the hurricane; i know no other Katrina]


[warning: this's a personal rant, an emergency outlet to blow off steam before the engine goes rampant. feel free to leave if you feel that it has nothing to do with your pretty self :) ]

time flies, that's what people say. (since only left a few days more before new year) but in my current state it feels like time is hitching a ride with one of Vostok's old shuttle; on steroid. and like Vostok's, it just barged through all the -ospheres layers with no qualms. at all. and it left yours truly bewildered, for the walking beat is still faithfully an adante, with no sign of going over 60mph anytime soon. and it is much more perplexing when it left the scattered pieces of -ospheres's equivalent in its trail and the only thought able to come up is the overrated 'what on earth is going on?'

when one is in dire need of a downtime, the 'desperate time calls for desperate measure' sums it nicely, i'd say. i know that my state of mind is in such a turmoil and in dire need of some downtime when :my earbuds started to spill Matrix's Tetsujin, preceded by Fausto Papetti hitting the notes on his sax with Blue Moon, followed by Cat Steven/Yusuf Islam's Morning Has Broken, then complimented by Le Reve's Filet [you dun wanna know the rest,trust me] even my  playlist has gone rampant. sheesh. gone rampant way before its owner does.

such state usually calls for a decent mindless cerebral banter, or rambling, or rant. or just something plain witty to crack me up. unfortunately, nobody's available for sparring.

cue, another diversion is in order.

something like Khairyn Othman's book. i totally dig her sense of humor. wry and dry. it's wicked, really [at last for me]. unfortunately my copy of DZS is nowhere to be found. the only reading material scattered on my bedspread right now are Sejarah Melayu, Hikayat Misa Taman Jayeng Kusuma, and a art and design books for reading, inspiring and etc etc. so I got into her blog and Scribd.wicked awesomeness. oh my dear, how I love thee~!

then i got diverted to another comnrade's page; Afa and Nabil. i think their page totally caught me off-guard, and speechless. a good kind of speechless. the straight line was tugged into a curve. and then i couldnt help it. i laughed.

i think i feel significantly better now. [even my playlist is recovering i think, it's playing Kenny G's rendition of I Believe I Can Fly right now]

come,weekend. let's pull a Sukiyaki on acid.

may Allah bless :)