Monday, 31 December 2012


Turning your life around can be exciting and joyful. New ideas will appear, and you will try new ways of acting, talking and thinking. Nevertheless, old ideas and friends which don’t fit anymore might create confusion and doubts. Be patient - start by learning the rules of your new path.

Being spiritual brings with it exciting times. Start by looking at life in a positive light. See the blessing you have in your life, and imagine those which are awaiting you. Because your thoughts attract energy, just by focusing on the positive, you will bring new and positive things into your life. In the same manner, a person looking at the glass as half empty, manifests for himself less than what his potential allows. Some changes happen quickly, others take longer to materialized, so don’t give up when not all of your problems are solved immediatly. On the contrary; develop endurance, compassion, and positive attitude; those are the weapons of choice for spiritual people. 

Internalize the first essential truth you need; if you want to change a situation around you, you have to change first. For example, if you always argue with someone, and don’t know why it happens, then the next time you get into an argument, think about what you could have done to prevent it. You will see that in a short time the arguments will stop. This awareness of the things you do and say will help change many things without confrontations, or the need for others to change first. Often, the changes in you will cause others to change the way they interact with you, so as to match your new energy. 

Life is a long series of lessons, so be forgiving with yourself as you examine your behavior and habits up to this point. Some of your old habits are good and worth keeping, even expending. Focus on them more, and naturally you will have less time and will to spend on habits you don’t like. Many of those habits you don’t like will vanish without any effort on your part. This will make the transition where by new thoughts and people enter your life a smooth one, while old, less developed thoughts, and relationships, which don’t fit anymore, will wither. Thank those thoughts and relationships exiting your life, for they protected you, and helped you become who you are. 

Finally, develop the habit of working for something, not against something, and you will be a happier person. Working against things which are wrong in your life is like rowing against the current. By paying attention to that, which is positive in your life, you attract more of the same to yourself. By amplifying things such as positive attitude, patience, forgiveness, and love of yourself and others, you create a new reality for yourself. After all, you dwell where your thoughts are.

InsyaAllah, may Allah bless no matter what