Monday, 31 December 2012


It is a given. Life is not easy. But we could always complain. That’s what friends are there for right? 
While it is true that nothing is ever certain, (which makes life so difficult, really) we can always strive to work hard for our goals. We always have the option of giving our best in everything we do. After that we can only hope that things would fall into place.  But we really must remember to do our best first. That way when we look back, we won’t have any regrets.
There is so much that anyone can do with his life. But to be everywhere is to be nowhere. It is important to make a choice and commit to it wholeheartedly. There is no other way to achieve wholeness. The question would then be, how do we make that choice?
First, it must be done with complete honesty. It is impossible for a heart to not know what it wants. What troubles the heart are things that concern the mind. Finances, other possibilities and fear. Second important thing is clarity.  When we accept the truest desires of our heart, the mind becomes clear. The first step can be taken then.
It sounds awfully easy. Why then is my life miserable right now? I have made a choice and have worked hard for it and yet I have not achieved all that I would have liked to.
I am caught between the fates. There are things that we will not be able to control. This is where faith comes in. A blind belief that the chance was not taken away from you permanently. A blind belief that another moment will give you the opportunity to grab that which you want the most. Nothing to do but wait.
When life tosses you around and you find it hard to stay afloat, friends should be handy. A phone call, an email..complaints all around. Complaining about a problem to a friend doesn’t fix the problem. But it makes you feel less lonely. Really. It helps to know that someone knows about your plight. (be it big or small..)