Thursday, 27 December 2012


Heartless is a term that is an adjective describing a person, or thing that has no feeling, and that is usually unkind, or not sympathetic to someone or something in need of sympathy. A heartless person is not your ideal romantic, and in fact probably live without being in too many relationships until they actually have a change in heart. The term heartless was first used in the 14th century, and was first used to describe people who had cruel minds, and thoughtless actions. A heartless person is the opposite of a person who puts extreme care into everything they do. Heartless is synonymous with the words cruel, hard-hearted, insensitive, savage and even ruthless. Those who are heartless may be so because of a lack of love provided to them during their upbringings, or because of a ended relationship that scarred their outlook on life. 

Loving and caring in life only causes bad things to happen so why care and love to begin with? Pain strikes more quickly if one cares or loves with the heart. Being heartless can get you through life quickly and easily because being heartless is a good thing because there would be no care in the world and you will keep moving in life without pain or depression. The tragic tale of Joannie Rochette, the 24-year-old Canadian figure skater who lost her mother to a heart attack Sunday in Vancouver gives an example why heartless is better then feeling pain especially when it involves a mother dying. Joannie did not do anything bad in life and all of a sudden in a blink of an eye she is suffering from her mothers lost. She did show up at the Olympic competition two days after her lost and stunt the crowd and then cried hysterically. How awful is it for someone to lose someone they love and they did nothing in the world to deserve it. Obviously everyone is going to cry if someone close dies. What I am trying to say is that bad things happen to good people because life is just unfair to those who have a big heart. So why do we have a heart anyways? Either way we all get hurt at the end so why care to begin with? Do you think that being heartless is better than feeling pain? 

Sometimes I think that any situation whether bad or good makes you the person who you are today. Sometimes life can be unfair but thats just part of life and getting through those tough times makes you stronger and you can learn from it. There would be no love or joy if there wasn’t any pain. People who care are the ones that make a difference in the world.

Sometimes I think to become heartless is to give up and lose the war to whoever is bringing you down. A death is something that everyone goes through, it should not be looked a punishment. Many hardships in life will break your heart, but i believe you have to take it and learn from it, not give up. Many people will hurt you in life, (whether you deserve it or not) but to decide to move it on from it makes you stronger. If you become heartless, that only hurts you. Bad things happen to good people, but if only good things happen in the world, then the happy moments would never be appreciated. Instead of losing yourself and becoming bitter, to take things and learn from them and move on makes you someone admirable. Because even if you tried to convice yourself to be heartless- then thats not you. To protect yourself from heartbreak will only be harder and have a negative effect on your life.

I've read this from one of my favourite book, i didnt remember the title but here it is: “Its better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all.” Love & pain are always going to accompany each other. They come hand in hand. Of course it’s going to be painful when you’ve put all your thoughts and feelings for another and you lose them. But would you rather have shared those feelings and felt that way and have memories with them, or have nothing at all? I opt for the first choice. Loving and losing is a way of life. We’re never going to be able to escape it; there’s no way to prevent it. So why avoid it, why run away, why deny those feelings? Even though you lost the person, no matter what the situation was, you were still able to spend time with that person and share all those good feelings. You have all those memories. That should be the prize in the cruel game of life. To be able to experience and share that feeling. Everyone goes through it. Its life."

Sometimes, the reason to why one is heartless and cruel is that they've sacrificed too much of their love and kindness to others only to receive pain. I'm not heartless but im hardened, rotten tooth. I'm not heartless but i've learned to use my heart less. Im trying my best not to being a heartless person but i cant. To be honest, im fucking heartless who doesnt know anything about feeling, a person who keep fucking hurting everyone around me and yes thats me. Like seriously, im heartless.

may Allah bless