Monday, 12 November 2012

My heart is on my sleeve

Relationships are never easy. Some days you're going to wake up and that love you know you have for the person in the bed next to you, isn't going to come so naturally. We always say "no one told us it was going to be this hard" but they do. We choose not to listen, because it seems so unreasonable that one day you will be able to keep your hands off of each other. One day you will spend your free time, away from each other. The only way you can make a relationship last is if you work at it everyday and never give up on it.  Because if you take time to fight and argue and still can't imagine leaving them, then you love them. And that's the kind of love that's forever.

You can't waste your time over missing something in the past. Life changes, people grow up and grow apart, and you accept that. Yet you can't stop thinking of how good it used to be; afraid you'd never experience it again, afraid you've already lived it and already lost it.

Girl, you must be out of your alcoholic mind. 
like I'm fuckin sit around & think about you all the time.