Wednesday, 19 September 2012


Hi guys, its have been a long time since the last post that I updated. I was so freaking busy, ya know, like hell! I'm not going to jot down so many thing today. Just want to tell ya that I'll update as soon as possible.  Just realized that in the last months I’ve only had a chance to post a few thingy and I think it is about time to start this going again.  So why this much silence? Well, About 8 months ago a couple of big thing, so many things have happened since my last post. As you know it, last month was Raya Eid. Gosh, I didnt even realize that Raya already passed. The last raya was on monday. Gonna miss it. Insya-Allah, kalau panjang umur, next year we will meet again Ramadhan and Raya Eid. Back to the story, after raya, I got a dance practice for Merdeka. I was going to dance at Dataran Merdeka, ya know, its awesome! For the first time in my life, I manage to join the parade. All this time, I was only looking from the tepi jalan and my reaction like 'whoaaaa' bila tengok dorang buat show, but this time, its my turn untuk buat show time merdeka. Not going to talk panjang lebar pasal benda ni, just skip it. After the Merdeka show, school already started. And like WTF I'm so F-ing busy with all those assignment and thingy until I didnt even manage to open my blog. Demmit. Enough babbling, and stay tuned, this weekend I will be updating my blog like crazy to inform you all on all of the thingy that I did during my nearly one-month long break.