Tuesday, 28 August 2012


At the bottom of the swimming pool there’s a door and when you open it, the water surges around you and carries you down miles of dirty underground pipes until you find yourself in another place. You crawl onto a strange beach like a turtle and you’re not sure where you are but it doesn’t matter. I think you were in the cockpit of a fighter jet on an aircraft carrier and you were about to die because the ship was on fire and there was no land around for miles.
So you closed your eyes and went back to the night you were kissed goodbye for the last time and you tasted tears. Hey, it wouldn’t have worked out anyway but you still spent the night tossing and turning and I tried not to worry about you. Everything is explosive and the world is on fire. She was gonna wait for you and you can’t even imagine the look on your face if you’d seen her for the first time after the war. I’ll just keep off the radar for a while and take long walks around town in the middle of the night by myself. I’m really good at lying low and avoiding attention which is funny because it’s almost like an inherent skill, albeit unprofitable some of the time. The heat doesn’t really work and the lights go out on occasion but I’m not home all that much so it doesn’t bother me because the job is mine to lose.
I think I’ll go for a walk and make up stories in my head.