Saturday, 4 August 2012

l O S T

I don't even know, over 3 weeks now. I really do feel like I have no one anymore. Not like I used too. Not at all. One thing I have realized is, you need to keep moving on. And remember that you need to do things for yourself because no one else will. . 

Find what you want to do in your life and go after it. Don't let anyone get in the way of your dreams. Do good in high school because getting away for college is EXACTLY what you want to do. Take every opportunity presented to you and never take a moment for granted, laugh, cry, scream, dance, make friends, get drunk, try what everyone else is trying. . Stand up in a crowded room and stick to what you believe in. Never be shy. Go out there and learn what you need to about high school to go the right way. Staying in your hometown isn't the experience you want.