Sunday, 17 June 2012

real journey

So my real life's journey started now. I can't find any difference, it just as same as the other days. I've go through a lot of test, challenge and obstacles. Even though there are times when i feel like quitting, life shows me why i shouldn't. You know what? I've one quote that i created. It says "In life, there's stumbling blocks that makes you lose yourself, lose hope and feel like giving up. But don't take them as a reason for you to not be successful. Take them as your stepping stones, wake up, look forward and keep on trying." To be honest, yeah these words always give me encouragement to not stop trying. Yeah you maybe fall down today, but tomorrow yet decide. We never know whats our future gonna be. So yeah, I've put all my sorrowfulness, depression and tears aside, and i try to be strong. Failed today doesn't mean you will failed forever. The wise Bill Gates once said "I failed in some subject in my exam, and my friend passed in all subject. Now he's an engineer in Microsoft Corporation and I'm the owner" Yeah, don't you ever give up. If there's a will, there's always a way. Head up and face the reality, you're not stupid. Have some faith in yourself.