Wednesday, 2 May 2012

movies week

Attention (!)

I've spend the past few week living in my house, and in my room, with my friends, watching, laughing, crying, emo-ing, sceaming, singing, angry-ing, makihamun-ing and many-ing, all those DVD! However, so often it’s about the journey rather than the destination and I’m so excited about where I’ve been, where I’m at, and where I’m headed — I can barely fall asleep at night. 

Yeah, I'm so f-ing excited while watching all those movies. And I was like asdfghjkl!@#$%^&*()_+ (!) Okay, stop talking rubbish! (:

Vampire Diaries Season 2 : One of the BEST drama in the world. Yeah, I'm a freaking vampire maniac! Never failed make my hearts stop beating, and every moment is breath taking. Same goes to my beautiful, sweety, perfection-ideal-dream woman ELENA (: I'm in love with her. LOL.  And wont forget, my brother Damon and Stefan (; There's nothing I can say about this drama, its so PERFECT! AWESOME! COOL! *speechless*

Black Rock Shooter Ep1-8End + Movie (Anime) : One of the f-ing coolio anime I've ever watch. With beautiful and magnificient graphic, interesting storyline *eventhough its a bit weird and you're head will spinning* it will definitely make me watch it for a thousand time. =D

War Horse : Beautiful storyline about a 'loyalty' horse to its owner, actually I prefer call it friend. Its not bad eventhough the plot is a bit slow but I enjoy it. Wonder if I can get a horse like that one fine day. HAHA

Dead Heads : Okay, I really hate zombie thingy. Very much! Except this stupid movie. Know what, I cant stop laughing with my friends while watching this movie. Its sooo ridiculous. Very funny! A couple of zombie who actually you cant say 'arghh, he's a zombie' since they a not like other brain-eatin zombie, eventhough they're already dead. You should watch it  (:

Angry Birds Collection : Haha, nothing I can say bout this Angry Birds. Worth watching. LOL! 

Brave 10 Ep1-12End (Anime) : I love this anime since there're many fighting scene. But, the plot, its a bit disappointing, same as its ending. Its enjoyable to watch then. At least for the female viewers, you can get some eye candy off of these guys :3

Gantz - Perfect Answer : Okay, Well I was slightly skeptical of the film before I watched it, since I wondered how it could compare to the manga. Now moving onto some good points, the cinematography was good, the action scenes started well, but dragged slightly towards the end of the film. The acting was okay... as good as any other live-action Japanese film. I think that might actually be it. Their is a lot of scenes and actions in the film that happen and are unexplained or have no relevance as far as I can see. By the way, its worth a watch.

The Woman In Black : By the way, I didn't watch this movie because there is Harry Potter in this movie. The bottom line on The Woman in Black is that it is a very spooky movie. Old-fashioned and old school, it makes a convincing case for life after death and, for Radcliffe, life after Harry Potter. Its not a bad deal for those who are easily scared or/and haven't seen many ghost movies. Is our standard-issue ghost story, well acted, nicely photographed, the story makes sense, and the conclusion will be satisfactory to most. It's well produced, acted and written and for fans of vintage horror, you'll definitely be entertained.

One Day : Okay, this is one of the f-ing awesome and coolest movie I ever watch *after a few month I never seen a breath taking movie like this*. I almost cry. Ok, I'm not! Almost! I used to think that Hollywood had stopped making emotionally involving love stories. Thank god they made One Day, then. Based on the best selling book by British author Dave Nicholls, the movie explores the intertwined lives of two protagonists of contrasting nature, yet fated to be together. The premise is novel, with the relationship explored though a peek into 15th July of each year, spread over 22 years. And I cant help but fall in love with Emma and Dexter- their love story is so compelling and adorable, that I become a part of their story, I care for them, I laugh with them, and also cry, I want them to do what I would do, and yes, I was desperately want a happy ending for them. Why do people in love get to be in love in the best of locations? One Day happens in picturesque Edinburgh, colourful London, and stylish Paris. And the best thing that makes it stand out among all love stories is that it is not predictable, till the very end. People and things change with time, but memories remain the same.- here's a movie that raises a toast to happy memories, a MUST WATCH for mushy folks!

Okay, just that I want to tell you guys. I've no idea what to write anymore. For that is what this is all about. Not fame, not fortune, not a guy trying to sound cool writing about “his awesome new coolio thingy” in a blog on the internet… but merely a dreamer lost in the pursuit of excellence, virtue, honor and high standards. Haha, the same sentence that I have wrote in one of my post, just copypaste, if you notice (: 

Have a nice day, pals.

may Allah bless