Monday, 14 May 2012


I dont know what to write. Speechless. As you guys know it, yeah maybe some one you guys know, today is my birthday. I'm now officialy 18-teen. Still a 'teen' -_- Like seriously, I don't really know what to say. Its just, I'm not really into someting like this. I mean, birthday party or celebrating something like this. Its not my type. But today, something really really, I dont know how to describe it, happen. For your information, right know I'm studying at SMK Taman Medan, yeah, I'm taking Form6 since I didnt get Matriks nor UPU! Kinda bullshit right there, so I've decided to take Form6. And, after a week of orentasi *didnt know whether I spell it right or not* I've meet some of new friends. A group of gila-serabut-alam-petala-kelapan of girls. GIRLS! Yeah, I know, its kinda cool disitu. Haha. They're very coolio. Baru kenal a few days dah ajak pergi jogging and pergi shopping at Subang Parade. Cool isnt it (; And thats not the main reason why I wrote this post. Just to mention it so you guys will know a few thingy about what happen this past few days. And, like WHUTDAHELL, time balik sekolah tadi, ada la something happen, shit happen, sampai I've almost lost my temperature. Like seriously, nasib baik tak makihamun everybody yg ada dekat situ. And the best part is, those news friends that I've mention upthere... Haishhh. They bought me a cake! Yeah, A CAKE! And that was WTF! Haha. I'm so f-ing shocked! Rasa macam nak pitam pun ada. I never thought yang dorang sanggup buat benda tu even tak lama mana pon kenal. Dah la I really dont like stuff like that, mula-mula ada la jugak rasa macam nak temperature tu naik or blah dari situ, but when I look at then, yeah they're so jujur. Tak sampai hati la pulak. Haha. Bullshit isnt it. Dah la memang semua kepala otak tak center kelang kabut macam ribut taufan katrina. *sigh* This time, seriously speechless. Awkward habis. Almost forgot, I want to thanks to all my friends and my family, my parents, who have wish me sama ada dekat FB or secara live. I.THANK.YOU.SO.MUCHO. I really appreciate what you guys have done. Especially, those girls (: Thank you~

may Allah bless you guys
no matter what

p/s : I will update the picture later since it will be to crowded kalau taruh dalam satu post. And sorry for those who I've forgot to mention or whatever. And sorry for this short post, I mean, there's no word that I can describe how much, I really appreciate what you guys did. I'm just a mere human. And... Okay, stop merapu, thats enough~