Saturday, 24 March 2012

Why I Called Myself Ice and Dark

Hey, guess what? There're something interesting that I want to tell you guys. Its about why I called myself Ice and Dark. I mean, yeah, its has been my trademark for a long time. Since long long long time ago (: Ok, the story is about Elliot and Freedert, yeah, its a romantic-love-sad story. Kinda mushy-lovey-dovey yang terover dose dia. Kind of, haha. Ok ok ok, let me begin the story with... 

Once apon a time.... 

There were 3 friends: Freedert, Elliot, and Kyle. They were friends since childhood. The 3 of them did everything together. Elliot's father was a Duke, so he was really in a different class then Freedert and Kyle; but that did not stop them from becoming very good friends. Eventually, Elliot and Freedert were drawn to each other more and more. They were not sure when it began, but it was very real. But then he wars began and Elliot was sent off into battle. Death lies in wait for all warriors on the battle field, so Elliot asked his best friend, Kyle, to take care of Freedert if anything happened to him.

“Of course. I’ll take care of her Elliot.” Kyle said with a smile. " I’ll protect her, no matter what happens."

After hearing his promise, Elliot left. But Kyle, his feelings for Freedert drove him mad with jealousy; until he felt only hate for his former best friend. Even if Elliot and Freedert lived happily ever after, Kyle would never be free of his feelings. So he went to the village’s sacred artwork and protector, the Wedge of Time …and he prayed for something evil.

“Please! Take away Elliot's time !! I know it’s wrong. But…I just can’t let him have her! If he dies in battle, it will be a hero’s death ! And Freedert…if only here were no Elliot, maybe…”

His wish was granted. During battle, Elliot was struck by an arrow…and killed. But the arrow did not belong to an enemy…or an ally. According to those who saw it…it was a giant iron spear that looked like the second hand of a clock. When she heard of Elliot's death, Freedert begged the Toki No Byoushin to take her life instead.

She prayed, saying, “Please give all my time to him.”

Kyle never even considered that his beloved Freedert would give up her life for Elliot's sake. When Elliot, restored to life by Freedert's wish, finally returned…the town had fallen into ruins. The townspeople had all vanished…and Freedert, who had given her own life to save his, was breathing her last.

Elliot held her crying. “If my life is continuing by her light…I return I all back to her.”

Taking the sword that Freedert had given him when he left for the war, Elliot thrust it through his own heart. But…while the Toki No Byoushin could could exchange their time…it couldn’t create more. It couldn’t restart time that had stopped.

Kyle sat there, looking at everything he had done. “I … I’ve made a horrible mistake. You’ve destroyed an entire town …Wedge of Time.”

Finally, as Elliot lay dying at the base of the Wedge of Time, the sword Freedert had given him began to glow strangely in his hand. Kyle, who caused this whole chain of events to happen … wrote a book. After what happened, he left the town and lived on … but he seemed cursed by fate, and was constantly falling into misfortune. Driven by madness, he wrote a book, describing everything that had happened; and then killed himself. In a way, even the last death was the work of the Wedge of Time, in its role as time’s guardian. To human’s, time also means life ; the time of the one who made the evil wish, Kyle, was controlled by the Wedge of Time. It would not allow his time to end, no matter what happened. He was forced to live with his regret, despair, and his pain … until he finally told the story and turned it into a legend. Only then, was his time allowed to end.

The End


So that the story about 'Ice and Dark' and the reason why I love those word so much. To me, its the sum of my life. People tend to ask me “why Ice and Dark?” and it’s not the kind of answer I can explain in thirty seconds during a loud meet-and-greet while the opener is soundchecking in the same room two people are trying to converse in. Even if you and I had half an hour and a quiet coffee shop, it’s not that simple. 

Make of it what you will. After reading the story, I always walk away feeling like I’ve gotta start living… an emotion I believe we all need to feel more often than we do. Each time I think about it, the character in the story is me… and all I have left is a little bit of time.

That’s why Ice and Dark.

may Allah bless

p/s : That 'Wedge of Time' also has been called as 'Second Hand of Time'. Just for you information ~ (: