Tuesday, 20 March 2012

i'm back~

Is it just my imagination or it's has been like A YEAR i didn't update my blog? Ok, cool~ Like seriously, there are so many F-ing thing that I want to write. Yeah, tapi macam haram, satu pon tak buat. -,-' Nie semua salah my F-ing WiFi. Kalau modem tak rosak takde jadi macam nie~ -,- Actually, I dont even believe that I can survive almost 1 month without internet (!) God, damnit~ Its like 'WHUTDAF'~ Yeah I know (; 

Ok, first of all, I know you guys tau en pasal result SPM yang coming soon tu~ Its just about 2 days more, actually, its just tomorrow (!) ITS TOMORROW GUYS (!) WHUTDAFUCK (!) Sumpah tipu kalau kata tak cuak. Shit, damnit. Mula la rasa macam nak sumpah-seranah dekat dalam nie. *Cool meor, chillax* *Take a depth breath*

As you know it, lately, I'm so busy working at bla bla bla. But, I'm no longer 'employment' *err, its right ist it?* since I've been stop working for the sake of my life. Yaw, I'm so F-ing lifeless kot bila kerja, so I decided to stop working and duduk rumah goyang kaki, like a boss :D

And a couple of days lepas resign, I have a big holiday (!) Cool right? Ok, I think not~ Actually, its my cousin wedding, dekat Kedah, so, tu kira holiday la jugak en. Pendek cerita, like this, form KL > Perak > Kedah > Penang > Perak and back to my home sweet home. Kinda long journey isnt it? Yeah, I know :3

And then, a few days after that, if you guys know, IF la en, dekat PWTC ada buat fair. Not that 'happy holiday/happy menghabiskan duit pergi holiday' Matta Fair, I'm talking about MARA Fair. Yeah, I'm so happy to go since my mom 'PAKSA' me to go :3 *I hope she didnt read this* Well, there're so many U and bla bla bla and all of them, its kinda boring since I dont like most of them punya course. Business, Law, Medic and so whutever i dont care, like whutdahell i'm gonna take that subject? -,-' Lastly, all U that I choose, semuanya course Aviation, Engineering in Aeroplane, Aeronautical and all about Aeroplane la senang cerita since you know, my ambition is to be a PILOT, but, I dont think thats gonna come true :'| Ok, back to the story, there's another course that I sign in too, its Civil engineering or Kejuteraan awam. I kinda like that course actually (: Haish, its hard to decided what to take and what you want to be when you grow up actually. Yeah, its true, but, everything gonna be ok. Insya-Allah (:

Ok, *relaxing my backbone* I think that enough for this post. No more thingy to jot down *He's a liar, actually he doesnt know what to wrote anymore* Damnit, shuh shuh... Well, thanks alter-ego sebab tell the truth. Shit =..=
Lastly, whatever you do, wherever you're, whatever thing happen, bad or good, remember, HE always there to help you as long as you remember HIM. Insya-Allah. Have a nice day. 

may Allah bless

p/s : My apology with those harsh words and wrong grammar or spelling and those words yg berterabur. Yeah, as you know it, i havent touch any school book, or senang cerita, all those thingy time sekolah dulu, semua dah simpan dalam one box and i've throw it deep inside my brains, dekat forbidden punya area. Haha, mula dah merapu. kbyeee~ :3