Saturday, 31 December 2011

Goodbye 2 0 1 1

The very last few minutes before everything changes. We will no longer in tahun 2011. Yeah, just about then minutes more, dah masuk tahun baru. Its 2012. Probably, I think every single person in this world will talk about the same thing in blog neither in facebook or twitter or anything. All about 2012 thingy. There's nothing that I can say cause semua benda yang sama kalau nak jotdown pon. If somebody ask me, 'apa azam tahun baru kau?' I will say dgn bangganya, there's no azam. For me, I just want to flow with everthing that happen in my life. No rushing nor planning nor everything, just move on without pecah kepala nak fikir all those thingy tu. So, I just copy from my old post about this thing. 

Life brings tears, smiles and memories. The tears dry, the smiles fade, but the memories last forever~ 2011/2012 (:

We cannot rewind all those thingy but we can always replay those memories yg tersimpan kemas dekat dalam kepala otak kita nie, yeah, as long as you guys tak nyanyuk or suka makan semut, Insya-Allah kita still akan ingat those memories until our final breath. Goodbye 2011, I will miss you like hell and everything that happen in that year~ Welcome 2012, hoping that everything will flow beautifully and lets make as much memories as we can. (:

May Allah Bless
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