Saturday, 3 December 2011

. . . . .

Like whutdaF I did even realize its already bulan december! gosh~ 
D E C E M B E R (!)
btw, isnin is the last day of SPM. ok, not for all fiver tapi just my class~ yeah, we're science stream and F*** yeah we're taking sastera~ so what? 
we're so coolliddat!
yeah, gonna miss all those school-friends-teacher thingy~
gonna miss all 4/5 AN 2010/2011 science stream students and all GK-ians!
sheeshh! stop writing like you're not gonna meet those human being lagi~ L O L
i'm will write about all sekolah-punya-hal/memori thingy and put all picture and video that so coolliddat nanti. maybe after exam, maybe after zaman persekolahan dah tamat, maybe suatu hari nanti yang tak pasti bila. MAYBE. yeah~

may your life be blessed