Wednesday, 21 December 2011

*Afa will tell you something

*Sorry for the post, it's not mine and guess what? I've copy every single word that my sis wrote and I didnt even change it. Yeah, I'm to freaking-busy right now~ Bytheway, have a nice day, enjoy reading and shouting and following~ Thank you. 

Assalamualaikum people! How are things going? Fine? The same here. Life after school is utterly such a blast. Alhamdulillah fr ths good life. Im currently having a latte bought by my nephew after picking him up from Beaconhouse just now. I talked to Mieya, Faiza, Ina, Intan and Meor through fb just now. *Yayyyy Wen gave me my fb password already lepas kena bribed semalam mwehehehehe :p So..I am I really mean it. Few days before some texted me, 'Afa, besok nak pinjam exercise Chem eh, nanti cikgu marah lah if tksiap homework' and out of realization I cried. Yes. I did it. They gave me so much memories and they were part of my daily routine. To start a day with a wayyyy diff daily routine is really awkward. Yes it is. A part of me has been always wanting to spend days with them each day, talk and laugh my lungs out with them, I want everything to be happened like always. I want December to be a stressful month because I'll be busy finishing past year homework, buying books, etc etc :p

Here is a video that me and Nabil had been planning fr. And it turned out to be this aweeeesome! HEWHEWHEW Sifu Yemen mmg cool mcm ittewww lol :p So enjoy watching! :D


You guys mean so much to me. Even what am I gonna be as my future undertakings, You guys are always part of me. Taught me to be better in life. Taught me how bestfriends are supposed to be. Taught me how to be in crowded and...Im sorry but I cant continue this. A part of me will always be here..with each of you. Thanks fr the memories..

P/s : The best part of being the photographer is.. They'll always placed you at the front since youre the one who controls the set-timer camera :p

May Allah Bless