Sunday, 13 November 2011

S O R R Y / M A A F

Assalamualaikum and greetings to all. yeah, as you guys now it (and anyone who didnt know) tomorrow adalah 'WAR FOR THE FUTURE' to all the fiver~ 14.11.2011 adalah tarikh keramat for SPM! i know. i should be sleep right know. so degil. i've try my best untuk study hard like hell and after that, all i can do adalah berdoa. i've struggle so much for a last few day. SOO MUCH. shit(!) to all my dearest friends, human being, non-living-thing and strangers. I'm sorry for all my wrong-doings. S O R R Y / M A A F. maaf to sumer org kalau ada apaper yg terasa hati. my words,my cerita,my bad,my mistake,my sin. kekadang sedar,kekadang tak,kekadang ‘terrr…’,kekadang se…ngaja. mungkin kekadang usik-mengusik terlebih gula. ada yang terasa. i’m sorry
mungkin kekadang my cerita ala2 senseless ke apa. my apology. to my family and anyone that ada pertalian darah with me, i just to say 'i'm sorry'. same goes dgn what i've wrote above. anyway, pray for me and wish me good luck for SPM. to all SPM candidates, GOOD LUCK AND DO YOUR BEST. F I G H T I N G (!)

p/s : i do want to wrote sooooo many thing but i cant. all those thingy stuck dekat dalam my brain and tanak keluar. sorry. (:

may Allah bless