Tuesday, 1 November 2011

p e t u a ~

petua for spm candidate yang tengah blank tatau nak buat apa bila spm semakin dekat. yeah, like 'what im gonna study?' 'what im gonna doooo?' 'im gonna dieeeee~'. i would like to give a few tips that i found 'hey, its really working. like whatdaF' (:

#rebus all your books and drink the water. 
#ask your friend to hentak your reference book dekat your head supaya ilmu senang masuk.
#talk to your book and say 'dear book, i love you so mucho, did you know that? would you help me by copy all the thingy and paste it in my brain~ only if i have a brain.
#hug your buku while you're sleeping.
#have a great time with your book.

ok. i think only that i can give to you guys some of my petuas that i found BERKESAN bila nak study saatsaat akhir macam nie. err, it was tested dekat some of my friend and ok, he still alive. A L I V E ~ !