Sunday, 27 November 2011


Oh hi,

I need to tell you a story. Just a regular story~

This morning I put some marshmallow fluff on a piece of toast and ate it. I’ve never experienced marshmallow fluff on a piece of toast before in my entire life. Today was the first time. Ever. E V E R (!)
And I also put  that fluffy marshmallow dekat atas cadbury choc-biscuit.

I’ll be honest, I was a bit scared… you know… of what it might taste like? pfft! I had no idea what to expect. It could’ve been absolutely revolting or ridiculously amazing. I could’ve been horrendously disgusted to the point of spitting a mouthful of toast and marshmallow fluff everywhere... or... I could’ve taken a big, sweet, indulgent bite of marshmallowy fluffy goodness and felt a humungeous smile spread across my face as I grunted and nodded with tasty approval. Who knows what could’ve happened? There was really no way of knowing. It could’ve been heavenly; it could’ve been a disaster.

Regardless of the incredible risk I was about to take, I smoothed my hair, puffed out my chest, picked up that piece of toast slathered in marshmallow fluff, took a bite, and took it like a man…
And now I have only one thing to say.

It. Was. Delicious.

The end!
With all due respect,
MeorMuhdAzfar :)