Sunday, 20 November 2011


Of the hundreds of relationships i've participate in throughout the course of my roller coaster life — associations of all kind: good/bad, joyful/sad, casual/serious, friendly/hostile, short/long, romantic/heartbreaking and everything in between, there’s always ONE relationship that harrows me like an old wound that refuses to heal. It haunts my mind, frequents my thoughts — maybe because i let it, maybe because i'm reluctant to fight a losing battle when my emotions are swinging like saloon doors on rusty hinges. i live, i breathe, i dream, i repeat — but such austere malady won’t go away and my heart and resolve commit to a constant tug of war, each pulling on one end of my instincts. So i might as well diagnose myself a royal schizophrenic! Wrestling with my emotions over the dream of someone who still claims so much of my sentiment but is no longer there… well isn’t that lovely.

p/s : i'm a bit down today. *sober* donno why. sorry for that emo-kind-of-post. i h a t e heartache(!)