Tuesday, 16 August 2011

the new obsession

Ok, lately i always bukak ada satu tumblr nie. tersangat lah awesome tumblr dia sebab banyak quote yang interesting and picture yg awesome and menjengkelkan and guys, it's in MALAY! like whut? macam tak percaya en. i've open it like everyday and laugh out loud bila baca post dia and i suggest you guys should really open that tumblr. nice one. by the way, thanks to afa and nabil sebab bagi tau link benda alah nie. thanks guy.

here the link : http://takkesah.tumblr.com

ok, enough talking about tumblr, why don't you concentrate on your study my dearest MEOR since trial tak lama je lagi kan kan. pfft!

p/s : afaaaaaaaaaaaa! aaaaaaa for the first time i've wrote the right one, tumblr and not that stupid wrong typo thingy, thumblur. ghahaha. err. ok, its annoying actually. enjoy reading and shouting. =)