Saturday, 9 July 2011


Ghahahaha! Its back! I love you OWL CITY like hell! There's nothing I can say selain YOUR'RE-F-FREAKING-ABSOLUTELY-AWESOME! And I am your DIE-HARD-FAN-KIPAS-SUSAH-MATI! And all your songs like WHOAAAA! And WARGHHHHH! and I've men-download all your songs also with all your side project! muahahahaha. Big clap for me! Long Live Owl City!

this is new album! here all the Owl City new song :

1. The Real World
2. Deer in the Headlights
3. Angels
4. Dreams Don’t Turn to Dust
5. Honey and the Bee
6. Kamikaze
7. January 28, 1986
8. Galaxies
9. Hospital Flowers
10. Alligator Sky
11. The Yacht Club
12. Planet Life

p/s : I dont know want to say because Owl City such damn awesome-legend to me. (: cheers!