Saturday, 2 July 2011

I love saturday. (:

Why lah? Bcoz every saturday always ada pecah MALAYSIA BOOK OF RECORD and bla bla bla. And the best part is cikgu selalu umpan dengan SIJIL to all the fiver bcoz dorang nak habis sekolah so collect as many SIJIL. Haha, brilliant la cikgu. ^^ Patut la ramai datang. The very-best-part is WARGHHHHH! Its ruin my LOVELY-PRECIOUS-SATURDAY! But its ok la, I've enjoy it very mucho and I get something to selain sijil. Guess what? Its PENAT-SAKIT-BADAN-LETIH-MACAM-PFFT! Haha. Too all human being yang terlibat dengan all this thingy  'you guys are soo great' and HAVE A NICE DAY! SIJILLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL! Come to me. ^^

p/s : It's gonna be a BUSY-LAST-FOUR-MONTH to all fiver bcoz of soo many aktiviti and SPM IS COMING VERY SOON!

May Allah Bless