Saturday, 16 July 2011


person A : is that true that everything will be eventually changed someday? *just wondering*

person B : what change?

person A : could possibily be anything. into better or the other way around....

person B : maybe. its all bergantung pada kita. its our life and kita yang corakkan our life. depend on how and why and when that something in our life must/will change.

person A : but if things are changing and we dont even know why does its seems to be changing, then how? half change half not.

person B : tgk la benda to change for good or not. does it worth or just useless. its true that sometime things change in our life without we noticing it but this is life. anything could happen in every single micro-nano-second. kita hanya planning but its all up to HIM. Dia yang menentukan. just put your faith in HIM and remember that HE always with you and always there to help someone that in trouble as long as we always remember HIM. 

p/s : the dialog above adalah conversation between me and my friend. she suddenly text me in the middle of midnight and asking that kind of question. i'm kinda shock and blur and didnt know how to answer at first. its all just my pendapat. its what i think about CHANGE. so no hard feeling. if i have said something wrong just forgive me. i'm just a human being. enjoy reading.

May Allah Bless