Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Ouch! Once Again..

Life dah jadi miserable macam baju tee-ala-kena-rip-and-jahit-balik-lepas-tu-kena-cat-tumpah-dengan-clorox-tak-cukup. Combination yang tak masuk langsung. Tak pon macam kena langgar dengan TAUFAN ANDEW! hoho. Sungguh hiperbola. Kenapa! Kenapa! Kenapa! It's totally caught me off-guard, and speechless. A good and bad kind of speechless. The straight line was tugged into the curve. And the I couldnt help it. WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING ON!

Hoping my life is coloured fairy-dust, I'll make some sort of crazy bling-bling sparkle of shades that can blind any minimalist for good. Figuratively speaking of course.

*May Allah Bless.