Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Never Imitate. Create.

Be Yourself. Whenever you're creating something, the piece created is an extension of you, not others. If you want to be proud of what you did, creating it from scratch, from what's inside of you will sure give you pride. Maybe it'll look all sloppy at a first try, (mine did) but you can always slap a proud grin on your face and say, 'I created that. I came up with the idea myself'. Feels good to say that,aint it?
Some might say, 'just be proud of yourself,you're a trendsetter!'
Hence, Never imitate. Create. And of course in the end all the credit goes to Him the Almighty. But He also taught us the value of integrity.

p/s : I'm a bit under the weather. God, I need a break, enough  Atlas on acid alredi..