Saturday, 23 April 2011

Rain, rain, rain and again RAIN!!

Owh, I just love the rain. God. It's raining everyday, every evening. I can't go out! It's ok. I love to watch rain falling from the sky. I'm stuck in my house! I can't go outside! Nahhh. Tido pon sodap time-time hujan nie. OWHMYGAWD! Am I having a bipolar? Cakap berbelit macam ular kena ketuk dengan senduk kayu! Ok. This is me. It's the truth. I just love 'rain'. Not 'Rain' yang penyanyi korea tu. hmpp. I don't like him.  [-_-]
Rain just like a snow to me. Of coz la sebab dekat Malaysia takde snow! Adoyai. I'm at critical condition right now. I loved it pretty much. Rain is amazing, of course, on the days when you aren't out. I love sitting inside the house watching the rain trickle down my window. It's really soothing. 

    Ain't that sweet walking in the rain. Let it wash all the feeling that we feel on that time.

p/s : The conclusion is, rain is super-something-awesome! Thank GOD sebab turunkan hujan. It's called 'rahmat'. I'm talking like ustaz. ^^,  haha. Ok. Enough MERAPU. ENJOY THE RAIN. THE END