Friday, 22 April 2011

The beginning of My Life

Seriously! Gosh! This is first time I have a BLOG! I can't believe at first. haha. Actually bukan tak pernah buat or tak pernah ada! Tapi just malas b'coz nak kena 'always-update-or-you-might-die'. ('',) my life kind of perfect for me even though sebenarnya tak! but, it's alright. not everybody is perfect. why can't we just flow with the moment,day,month,year,history,future and just let it flow and go by itself. this is how life should be. for me lar. :|

In my opinion :
Hayat manusia seperti pelancongan, semakin mendekati titik penamat,semakin kita berasa berat kaki melangkah.
Impian, harapan dan juga masa depan or masa silam, even kadang-kadang kita rasa beban ni berat untuk kita pikul, but we must have to do it! kita ada tanggung-jawab sendiri. Dengan mengekalkan azam yang kuat, mesti boleh melalui semua kehidupan yang dilalui. :)

"I don't know how to draw, so I can't 'draw and paint' my feeling. Saya tak pandai menyanyi, so saya tak boleh lagukan hati saya. I don't have 'art and skill' so I can't 'shout out' making 'graffiti' at any wall... dan sebenarnya saya tak pandai pun menulis or nak update or have any interesting story nak share dekat blog ni... saya just tau 'throw out and spill' je.." this word is copy and paste from Hlovate the novel writer. ;)

So I think this is the end for the first day and the first time i wrote in my blog. Kind of. Just gonna say or shout or whatever and i don't care 'ABSO-FREAKING-LUTELY-AWESOME!!'